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My Mission:

To offer a 6-part, online video presentation series for the purpose of reviewing information that a pharmacy technician will need to take the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) examination within the USA.

Brief Training Description:

The courses are presented by a pharmacist that has developed lecture notes, a PowerPoint presentation, and videos for PTCB review.

The selections incorporate information about the day of the exam, preparation, and test taking skills for pharmacy technician study. I present the history of pharmacy laws, legal requirements in a pharmacy and present questions pertaining to the law. The hospital course makes use of a video from ASHP that explains aseptic technique, laminar flow hoods, IV preparations, parts of a needle and general info concerning advantages and disadvantages of methods of administration. Test questions that look like a PTCB review exam, are reviewed. The math course begins with the basic metric system, conversions, algebra, problem set-up and techniques to solve equations. I discuss, Roman numerals, fractions, and decimal conversions. The pharmaceutical math incorporates: metric, apothecary and household measurements, ratios and proportions, percentage preparations, temperature conversions, dosage calculations, children’s dosing, dilution of stock preparations, allegations, hospital flow rate calculations, drop factor and infusion time calculations. At the end of this course, I present test questions as a review for pharmacy technician practice. Commercial calculations are presented with emphasis on definitions, net profit, gross profit and overhead. Finally a discussion about the Top 200 drugs is presented. Since it is impossible to teach information about every drug, I focus on the most common, discussing common side effects, generic names, interactions and counseling tips. I also suggest ways of utilizing time in the pharmacy environment to hone their skills. At the end of this course, test questions are presented as a review.

Benefits of My Video Training:
The availability of a PTCB review class prior to taking an exam is an advantage that most pharmacy techs will welcome. In this case, my track record and participant responses speak highly for the presentation materials and the speaker. I feel that this PTCB study guide will be highly sought after. With new legislation recognizing the benefits of national certification of technicians, the advantages that this program provides will far exceed the minimal costs involved.