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I would like to introduce you to my organization, Edupharmtech. My name is Ted Spader and I am a Pharmacist with Walgreens. I graduated from Ohio Northern University in 1978 with a Bachelor’s degree and in 1994 I received a Masters in  Pharmacy Administration. I have been a pharmacist, manager, district manager, pharmacy owner, PTCB Advocate Educator and a Drug Topics Pharmacist of the Year in 1998.

I have presented an 8 hour PTCB exam preparatory seminar to over 5000 students throughout North Carolina since the year 2000. I was trained by Eckerd Drug Company in January 2000 and have progressed to be affiliated with the North Carolina Association of Pharmacists and the University of North Carolina. I am now offering this fully narrated, multi module seminar online for any pharmacy technician, throughout the country, that needs to prepare for the PTCB exam.

Over the years, from the training that I received from Eckerd, I have developed a PowerPoint program and a seminar that is one on one with a pharmacist tech. In order to help with help attaining the pharmacy technician certification, I begin the program with an hour of federal pharmacy law including HIPAA, controlled substance regulations, DEA laws, and many other aspects of the law. The next section goes over hospital pharmacy as it relates to aseptic technique, 797 regulations, clean room techniques, technician duties, and hospital delivery programs. I also include medication routes of administration, some physiology and drug delivery systems. This is the best way to study for any pharmacy technician test

The PTCB review section for the math portion goes over the very basics of algebra, measurements, decimal conversions progressing into percentage preparation, temperature conversions, dosage calculations, compounding math, stock dilutions, alligations and flow rate math. I use Powerpoint along with the Wacom Bamboo Pen system so that the students can see the problem being solved on the screen.  I then present a 12 question math test and solve the problems at the end of the test. The next section is commercial math discussing the aspects of markup and selling price along with insurance problems associated with everyday business.

The drug classification section begins with techniques for learning and remembering the top 200 drugs by the use of buddy system and homemade flash cards. I then go over the major drug classifications, including a discussion of the drugs in each class related to side effects, contraindications, physiology and the metabolism of medication.

I am currently updating the seminar to include some of the new categories in your PTCE blueprint, specifically Medication safety, inventory and quality  assurance. There are even PTCB practice exams at the end of most sections.

I have tried to bring a very comprehensive seminar to many pharmacy technicians over the years.  After the class, most of them were extremely thankful and marvel at how much they enjoyed a long 8 hour day. Now, you can take this same class in an easy to follow, verbal presentation at home. I hope you enjoy the program.