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Technicians want to increase their salaries and if certification gives them the opportunity to “climb the ladder”, why not take the test. Certification is the next step that states will be taking in relation to improving the quality of pharmacy. Certified techs will be an integral part in the pharmacy team and in order to stay on the cutting edge, techs need to prepare and take the test. In some states, certification is mandatory in order to be a pharmacy technician. There are some companies that also require their techs to be certified. The job market opens up for those qualified techs, while others may be left in the cold. Some techs want the respect that comes along with a certificate on the wall stating that he/she has successfully passed the exam for certification. They can prove that they have mastered the skill necessary to be a good technician. Many techs feel a sense of accomplishment when they pass the test and are now part of a professional team. They try harder, they read more about their profession, and they even have more meaningful responsibilities.

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