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Roles of a pharmacist and technician in today's caregiving

Some of the most important roles of a pharmacist is to make sure people take their meds correctly, understand what they are taking and give them confidence on the therapy that they are using. Technicians can have a profound impact on this. It’s true that many patients do not take meds as prescribed due to costs, inability to understand instructions, inability to obtain the meds, communication barriers, lack of trust in the therapy, too many meds and the list goes on. Techs should be able to help patients understand directions along with promoting trust and wellbeing when taking the meds. The pharmacists can utilize MTM techniques with the patient, promoting the importance of taking meds correctly, offering lower cost alternatives and answering patient questions that they may have not asked the md.  Rph and tech and can suggest and promote the benefits of updating the immunization profile for the patient and the uses of the immunization registries. Drug utilization review or DUR, OTC recommendations along with adverse effects of the meds are also discussions that can be had with the patient.

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