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New Year at

It is a new year. It will be a much better year for all. wants to wish everybody the hope and prosperity that they deserve in the upcoming months. Covid shots are coming out and techs may be called upon to assist in the immunization process so it is imperative to have good aseptic techniques along with an understanding of the principles behind the inoculations. For every immunization given there will be many others that have questions and concerns about it. Talk with your pharmacist and get the most updated information to be able to pass the data on to others. 

That said, certified techs may be called upon to step up against coronavirus and what better way to do that is to go through the review courses at You can receive 8 hours of PTCB accepted continuing education toward registration. If you are not certified but wish to be, this is a great way to study for the PTCB exam. It includes 8 hours of webinar style class complete with practice tests and narrated pages. Many people have difficulty reading and comprehending whereas, hearing the explanation about topics helps to solidify the information. does just that. Drugs are explained logically. Math problems are described, then solved. Pharmacy law and hospital terms are clarified and pharmacy practice brings it all together. Take a few moments to explore the website and open up the world of Pharmacy Certification through PTCB.

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