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My name is Ted and I have been a longtime RPh, for different chains in NJ and NC. I have taught pharmacy technician preparation classes for over 20 years through the North Carolina Association of Pharmacists. As a pharmacist, I rely on my Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPhT) exclusively to help me throughout the day. The safety of my profession depends on how well a tech understands the laws, the mechanisms of drugs, the math involved in compounding and the diverse aspects of hospital pharmacy for institutions techs. Pharmacy practice, quality assurance and risk management all come into play throughout the day for a tech.

The Pharmacy Technician Certification Board helps all pharmacy techs achieve recognition that businesses are requiring to employ the top applicants for their pharmacies. However, without passing the PTCB exam, many techs are passed over. Understanding all of the topics above will help a tech pass this test and underscore their achievements going forward.

Enter We offer a 6-course program for the technician to review the information that the PTCB requires to pass the test. Whether you need to know how many refills a control drug may have, the amount of drug necessary to make a 1% solution, the major side effects of statin drugs or what the USP 800 regs require hospital pharmacies to adhere to, it is all within these courses. You can purchase all courses in 1 bundle or take each course separately.

Whether you wish to take the exam or just review the aspects of pharmacy that will improve your understanding of the profession, this program is for you. Look for more information to come about the pharmacy tech profession and how to improve your place in the today’s market.

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