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DAW codes

What are DAW codes, which is, dispense as written. The code that is picked depends on not only the dr’s preference or also the patient’s, insurance and manufacturer’s preference. Most generics use DAW 0. If an MD requires the brand if a generic is available, it is DAW 1. If a patient request a brand even though a generic is available it is DAW 2. This usually requires the patient to pay more to make up for the difference in costs to the insurance. A DAW7 is used in the case of NTI drugs like synthroid and states that the law requires the brand to be used since NTI require the same brand for all refills. DAW 8 codes are used when a brand is released as a generic but is not yet available from the distributer. And DAW 9 is for those drugs that the insurance requires to be used as a brand such as Medicaid in many cases. The correct DAW code is always needed to prevent insurance rejections.

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