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  • Quality Assurance and Medicare

    We have all heard of waste, fraud and abuse in relation to rules set down by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid services. Fraud is where pharmacy staff personnel might bill for brand name drugs instead of the generics that were given, basically, willingly obtaining money under false pretenses from healthcare benefit programs or insurance, Waste is caused by overuse of materials or services causing unnecessary costs to these programs. Abuse occurs when payment happens due to deliberately distorted facts.
  • New Year at

    Certified techs may be called upon to step up against coronavirus and what better way to do that is to go through the review courses at
  • 8 hours of CE credit for PTCB recertification at

    Now, has 8 hours of continuing education available to PTCB CPHT's applying for re-certification.
  • Edupharmtech:PTCB-Recognized Education/Training Program

    This website is an online, webinar style review seminar for the practicing pharmacy technician to use when studying to pass the PTCB exam. I narrate a video presentation, explaining each page and solving most math questions that are seen on the test. There are 6 modules that allow the student to review math, both basic and pharmaceutical. I go over federal pharmacy law, top 200 drugs, hospital information and risk management. It is a very comprehensive and enjoyable way to study for the test. 
  • Roles of a pharmacist and technician in today's caregiving

    Some of the most important roles of a pharmacist is to make sure people take their meds correctly, understand what they are taking and give them confidence on the therapy that they are using. Technicians can have a profound impact on this.
  • PTCB-Recognized Training Program

    PTCB requires applicants for PTCB Credentials, to complete a PTCB-Recognized Education/Training Program for their chosen credential. can satisfy this requirement.
  • DAW codes

    DAW codes, or Dispense As Written codes are required when processing prescriptions. It is essential to pick the correct code. I try to explain the codes, what they are and how they are used.
  • Insurance companies: what to look for when processing claims

    What goes into processing a prescription claim to an insurance company or using a manufacturer's coupon. Here, I try to point out the basics and what to look for when solving the problem of insurance adjudication
  • What do courses look like?

    See what a course looks like when you sign on to
  • How to help prevent medication errors as discussed in

    Any pharmacist will tell you that in making a medication misfill, their confidence is rocked. Their aim is to help and not hurt. But unfortunately, misfills can happen. Quality assurance techniques and strategies help prevent these misfills
  • How can satisfy PTCB content needs will help you understand the many knowledge domains in the PTCB content requirements. Under medications, I go over generic names v...

    There are numerous reasons for a pharmacy tech to become certified. can help you achieve those goals