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These online video mini-courses are being offered for the purpose of reviewing information that a pharmacy technician should be familiar with when preparing to take the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) examination within the USA. Originally an 8 hour classroom presentation was provided to pharmacy technicians and refined during 19 years of interactive classroom instruction. I have now divided the class into 6 mini-courses and recorded the presentation providing you an opportunity for online learning. Each mini-course has lecture notes and a narrated PowerPoint presentation and can be purchased for a 48 hour time frame. The mini-courses are at least an hour long, plan your 48 hour window so that you can print out the slides, listen carefully to the presentation and take notes.

I discuss, Roman numerals, fractions, and decimal conversions. The pharmaceutical math incorporates: metric, apothecary and household measurements, ratios and proportions, percentage preparations, temperature conversions, dosage calculations, children’s dosing, dilution of stock preparations, allegations, hospital flow rate calculations, drop factor and infusion time calculations. At the end of this mini-course, I present test questions as a review. Commercial calculations are presented with emphasis on definitions, net profit, gross profit and overhead. Finally a discussion about the Top 200 drugs is presented. Since it is l impossible to teach information about every drug, I focus on the most familiar, discussing common side effects, generic names, interactions and counseling tips. I also suggest ways of utilizing time in the pharmacy environment to hone their skills. At the end of this mini-course, test questions are presented as a review.

Theodore James Spader, R.Ph B.S. Pharmacy, M.S. Pharmacy Administration


Thank you for your interest in these educational video presentations. Each mini-course has a length between 1-2 hours and may take a long time to buffer the video. You will have 48 hours from the time of purchase to complete each module before it is timed out. Please pick your study time accordingly. A suggestion would be to print-screen on each slide and take notes as you go.

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To view a snippet of how each module looks, this section on Commercial Calculations is available free of charge.

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